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masterUpdate readmeKenny Shields5 years
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2015-04-08Update readmeHEADmasterKenny Shields
2015-03-30Fix columnlist autoscroll functionalityKenny Shields
2015-01-06Set default value for self.imagecolorKenny Shields
2015-01-06Add SetColor and GetColor methods to the imagebutton objectKenny Shields
2015-01-06Add support for centering scaled imagesKenny Shields
2015-01-01Set ENABLE_UTF8_SUPPORT to falseKenny Shields
2014-12-30Add configuration variable for enabling/disabling utf8 supportKenny Shields
2014-11-24Merge pull request #153 from Stepets/masterKenny Shields
2014-11-20Merge branch 'master' of