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masterUpdate base16-light themeKenny Shields4 years
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2016-08-17Update base16-light themeHEADmasterKenny Shields
2016-08-17Allow site theme to be changed without reloading the pageKenny Shields
2016-08-17Fix formatting in config.iniKenny Shields
2016-08-16Cleanup code in Paste.phpKenny Shields
2016-08-16Cleanup panel positioning code in main.jsKenny Shields
2016-08-16Add functionality to cursor blink checkboxKenny Shields
2016-07-10Add setting for enabling/disabling cursor blinkKenny Shields
2016-01-28Send notification email when a new paste is createdKenny Shields
2016-01-28Add new paste email templateKenny Shields
2016-01-28Add mail queue systemKenny Shields