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masterAdd site name to various pagesKenny Shields22 months
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2018-09-17Add site name to various pagesHEADmasterKenny Shields
2018-09-13Add support for custom site names via configuration variableKenny Shields
2018-07-14Add timestamp to view file pageKenny Shields
2018-07-14Remove unused cssKenny Shields
2018-07-13Yield before returning in main functionKenny Shields
2018-07-13Implement file cleanup support via command-line optionKenny Shields
2018-07-09Add Windows disclaimer to documentationKenny Shields
2018-07-08Add licenseKenny Shields
2018-07-01Add setting for displaying access logs in the consoleKenny Shields
2018-07-01Enable GC collection when the program is idleKenny Shields